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Why Perspective and Perception are important

What's the difference between perspective and perception?

One of the biggest changes when you develop your #growthmindset is the time taken to pause and think about things that happen to trigger the #fixedmindset from a different perspective.

By reviewing things and reflecting, this encourages you to understand how past experiences, feelings and thoughts influence your perception. This can then alter your future attitude.

In this blog we are delving into the impact of becoming mindset aware by exploring the 2 P's in more detail.

What's your perspective?

Have you ever seen 2 people experience the same event but their response to it is very different?

Your life experiences shape the way you think about things so when situations occur you may perceive something differently to someone else.

When you develop your growth mindset taking the time to see things from a different perspective allows you to build compassion and empathy towards others. Understanding why others respond differently to you or have a different opinion opens doors to learning.

Be less impulsive and take time to view different perspectives.

Our brain and perspective

If we were to tell you that at any given time your brain could take in around 11 million, yes 11 MILLION bits of information using your 5 senses - would that just blow your mind?

However, you can only pay attention to about 7 bits of information at one time - that's ALOT of information you are not paying attention to.

While these mental shortcuts are necessary to function, (otherwise you would be hypersensitive) they sometimes lead to misinterpreting or misunderstanding situations. Remember, you are paying attention to much less than what’s actually going on.

In short, your thoughts can make mistakes!

Managing your impulsivity and taking the time to think logically (with evidence) allows you to develop a more truthful perspective. Rather than believing a snapshot, observe the bigger picture.

How does perspective help us?

Having perspective can allow us to develop and grow in a number of ways.

Here's our top list of how perspective helps us.....

  • Develop a better understanding of things

  • See a problem or challenge from different angles to develop a better knowledge

  • To evaluate the importance of something

  • To keep worries or thoughts in perspective

  • Let go of judgement and focus on facts

  • Keep things in a more balanced viewpoint

  • See the strengths and weaknesses / good and bad / positive and negative

  • Allows us to react rationally and considerately rather than impulsively

  • Supports us to develop a more accurate idea of where things sit

  • Be objective and unbiased

Benefits of changing your perspective

When we develop a deeper understanding of perspective and see things from different angles, it allows us to:

✅Avoid judging the actions of others

✅Reduce stress

✅Respond constructively not impulsively and with calmness

✅Develop deeper empathy and understanding of others

✅Gain greater clarity

✅Personally grow and develop

✅Experience a learning opportunity

We'll be adding about perception and perception in the coming weeks

If you love a good read, why don't you check out our other blogs about mindsets.

If you would like to know more about Grow Your Mindset click here.

Much Love

Liz & Gemma x

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