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It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you're not.

The Grow your Mindset team with experience in both the corporate and education sectors, know that all individuals can develop their mindset to achieve their goals both personally and professionally, through growth mindset training and workshops across the UK.

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New Branding goes LIVE!

Welcome to our newly branded website.

You may have seen our recent posts across social media all follow a similar theme and in line with our Learning Blocks (if you know, you know) we've taken this colour pallet to make both our newsletter, website and marketing materials 'POP'

We hope you like the new design!

#FarnworthMatters celebration at Bolton School

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Both Liz and Gemma have been involved with the Farnworth Matters project since 2019. Brining 10 schools across the area together in a multitude of activities and projects to inspire and motivate the next generation to aim high and dream big.
The celebration of the project coming to a close was held at the prestigious Bolton School, with appearances from Andy Turner (Olympic Hurdler), Olive Lomax (a local poet) and of course Grow Your Mindset with our giant Mexican Wave.
The children spoke about their experiences spanning the past 3 years and shared their favourite memories of the project too. 
We even appeared in the Bolton Evening News!

Growth Mindset is a journey, not a proclamation


It was a pleasure to be visitors to an assembly at St Peter's C.E Primary School. The purpose was to celebrate the work done by their Mindset Motivators in completing their Platinum Award.
The Mindset Motivators is an extra curricular club run by the children promoting mindset across the school and beyond. St Peter's have completed all 4 modules and really are the cream of the crop when it comes to promoting mindset

From £100 per term, find out how you could be involved in the Mindset Motivators club

Come and join us at the Oldham Expo

We will be appearing at our first Oldham based business exhibition this September. This is a one day event bringing together local businesses to showcase their services to retail and trade visitors.

You'll be able to exhibit or be a visitor, with some great speaker slots on the day too!
So book the date in your diaries 15th September and we look forward to seeing you there.

Did you know?

Grow Your Mindset travel anywhere in the UK!






During the July heatwave Gemma made the trip to London Town to continue Grow Your Mindset ‘s work with Equalitas as they furthered their journey with growth mindset.

There sessions was all about language. How they talk to their clients and colleagues and the influence they can have on their mindset.

It was a little bit sweaty at Hend House, but the team embraced the session with interest and enthusiasm.


Would you like your staff to embrace a jounrey of growth, wherever you are in the UK - get in touch!





Some lovely Feedback from our happy customers!


We love getting feedback from our clients, it really does help us grow.

Here's Harry from Westminster Council explaining his experience of working with us.


Educational Hub

Do you want staff who adapt freely to change and deliver the best practise in teaching and learning?

Do you want pupils who are resilient, bounce back from failure and have a love of learning?

What can the GyM Team offer your school?

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Personel Hub

Want to be more motivated and set goals to achieve your dreams?

Do you find yourself procrastinating and putting things off?

Do feel anxious and worried about your life now and the future?

What can the GyM Team offer you?


Corporate Hub

Do you want to improve mental wellbeing and have a driven and focused staff?

Do you want colleagues who work productively together to achieve company goals and stretch themselves to achieve them?

What can the GyM Team offer your business?

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We work with a whole bunch of brilliant people and places

Co-operative Bank
St Aidan's Primary
Nexus Education
Beamont primary
Rossendale Hospice
Vision MAT
St Peters
St Andrews Teaching School
YewTree primary
St James Teaching School

And some people really like us too!


The audience can be young or old(er) the ladies adapt, inspire, support and deliver through creativity and energy.
Adapting for a corporate environment posed new challenges but living their own philosophy they succeeded. The sign of excellence is in the fact we
are still pursuing our Growth Mindset and it is permeating across the organisation...
Thank you for your support and I look forward to our continued collaboration.

Sally McEvoy - Head of Customer Contact
Cooperative Banking Group PLC


The Growth Mindset CPD we had as a whole school has really impacted on the practice of our teachers and more importantly the children! Grow your mindset has now become part of our teaching and learning policy and is what we do at St Aidan's.

The training was informative and practical with lots of resources to use in the classroom and beyond. The books perfectly match the lessons and key messages being reinforced in class. Having Liz and Gemma in to work alongside our teachers in class was very powerful! 

Kelly Harrison - Deputy Head

St Aidan's Primary, Blackburn

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of SELF BELIEF (3).png

Currently nearing the completion of the 'Developing an Effective Leadership Mindset' course with Grow Your Mindset. I have really enjoyed our sessions - Gemma and Liz always bring great enthusiasm, and they keep the entire group engaged. I have found the material extremely insightful - since starting the course I have found myself reflecting increasingly often on how my behaviours and language can influence others in my role as a leader.

Harry Hopwood - Climate Emergency Manager

Westminster Council


We have worked with Liz and Gemma at St Gregory's for the past 3 years. This has involved a variety of activities including staff training, parent workshops, assemblies, whole class and small group work, coaching for staff and team teaching. This has had a significant impact on both behaviour for learning and standards across the school as pupils self belief, motivation and resilience has grown. We continue to work with Liz and Gemma on our Growth Mindset journey and would highly recommend GyM to anyone.

Kelly Watson - Headteacher
St Gregory's Primary, Farnworth 

Growth Mindset, the foundation for learning.

Growth Mindset is the foundation to all learning, it's true! It's not just some fad or a happy clappy notion. It's based on real research, real science and real case studies from a University professor over in the USA. 
Mindsets have always been there and they are also not going away anytime soon. 
It's no surprise that developing mindsets allows you to become a better learner, a happier person, to be able to make progress and deal with life's difficulties with confidence.
Here at Grow Your Mindset we create training, workshops and courses that are built on psychology, science and our own tried and tested methods, ensuring that you get the maximum results.

Growth Mindset, training and workshops for businesses and organisations.

At Grow Your Mindset we ensure that your business or organisation goes from good to being pretty darn awesome - ensuring sustainability throughout your company, so that it continues to thrive and grow.

Growth Mindset, creating a culture in any educational setting.

We work with your headteacher, your office staff, the dinner lady, the GSCE student, the A-Level taker and the tiny EYFS child stood at the sand pit to create a whole culture of positive mindsets, whatever your educational setting.