Grow Your Mindset - What you think, you will become.

The Grow your Mindset girls and former teachers, Liz and Gemma know that all individuals can develop their mindset to achieve their goals both personally and professionally, through growth mindset training and workshops across the UK.

Grow Your Mindset News.....

Developing a Growth Mindset Workshop

To allow those from far and wide to experience our accredited session, we'll be holding another online festive addition of our workshop on 8th December 2021.

Tickets are limited with prices starting at £80pp.

Why develop a growth mindset?

It allows you to be a better learner.
You will feel more positive.
You will be able to assess situations more rationally and make calmer decisions.
It enables you to solve problems.
It improves mental health.
You'll be more empathetic
You’ll be calmer in difficult situations.
You’ll be more successful.


If you think you may or know of the perfect individual, pair, group or herd of people or fancy coming along yourself - click our button to grab your ticket now


Grow Your Mindset Summer Social

Our business is all about celebrating our growth and progress with every member of the team, no matter what role they play.

So after many months on zoom, it was great to spend the afternoon with the team in Manchester for a round of JunkYard golf and a few nibbles and cocktails. It was a great day!

Liz Hall from Liz Henson photography joined us for the day to take some snaps too. To view more photos of the day click the button below.


Get ready for Millie!

After the success of our first children's book, Eddie Effort we are pleased to announce that 'Millie Mistakes' will be published SOON!

As with Eddie, you now have the opportunity pre order your copy of Millie to receive just in time for Christmas. Head o our Learning Block Page to order your copy

To be kept up to date with all the latest on the campaign and story follow our sister socials #LearningBlockBlocks

Online Teacher Webinars


We are thrilled to have been asked by Graham Tennant and his team at 'MyCPD Group' to create an online course for their website.

Our 4 interactive lesson webinar plus, 'Introduction to Growth Mindset' has now been approved, with standards meeting the DfE requirements and launched ready for anyone in education or interested as a parent to take part.

And with prices starting from £29.99 per user, what's not to love?


Some lovely Feedback from our happy customers!

We're very lucky at Grow Your Mindset to get some fabulous feedback for the work we carry out both in businesses and educational settings.

This is from a primary school in Darwen, Blackburn - we shed a little tear reading it!

We have thoroughly enjoyed our 'Grow your mindset' sessions with Liz and Gemma. As a staff they have helped us to focus on developing more positive growth mindsets and getting friendly with our fixed mindsets, in both a personal and professional capacity. Our staff said that they have really benefited from the sessions and they have helped them to change their mindset when faced with problems or challenging situations. 

Our children absolutely loved the whole school assembly with Liz and Gemma, complete with a giant inflatable brain and light up neurons. They also really enjoyed the individual class sessions where they all focused on different areas of growth mindset. Our teachers constantly refer back to the sessions when children are showing a fixed mindset when faced with a challenge. The children also remind each other (and staff) of the power of yet when they aren't showing a growth mindset. 


I would highly recommend Grow your mindset training with Liz and Gemma as they are both highly experienced teachers that engage you in the sessions with examples and anecdotes from when they were in the classroom. They are extremely passionate, friendly, honest, and down to earth, which our staff and children really appreciated. Thank you

Becky Ham - Headteacher St Barnabas Primary School

Image by Adam Jang

Educational Hub

Do you want staff who adapt freely to change and deliver the best practise in teaching and learning?

Do you want pupils who are resilient, bounce back from failure and have a love of learning?

What can the GyM Team offer your school?

brain 4.png

Personel Hub

Want to be more motivated and set goals to achieve your dreams?

Do you find yourself procrastinating and putting things off?

Do feel anxious and worried about your life now and the future?

What can the GyM Team offer you?


Corporate Hub

Do you want to improve mental wellbeing and have a driven and focused staff?

Do you want colleagues who work productively together to achieve company goals and stretch themselves to achieve them?

What can the GyM Team offer your business?

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We work with a whole bunch of brilliant people and places

Co-operative Bank
St Aidan's Primary
Nexus Education
Beamont primary
Rossendale Hospice
Vision MAT
St Peters
St Andrews Teaching School
YewTree primary
St James Teaching School

And some people really like us too!


The audience can be young or old(er) the ladies adapt, inspire, support and deliver through creativity and energy.
Adapting for a corporate environment posed new challenges but living their own philosophy they succeeded. The sign of excellence is in the fact we
are still pursuing our Growth Mindset and it is permeating across the organisation...
Thank you for your support and I look forward to our continued collaboration.

Sally McEvoy - Head of Customer Contact
Cooperative Banking Group PLC


I have worked with Liz and Gemma who have helped to drive and embed a Growth Mindset ethos and understanding across our school. They
are professional, passionate and incredibly knowledgeable about different mindsets and the impact that these can have on all of us.

I would highly recommend them to any company, school or business!

Megan Wrigley - Class Teacher
Woodbank Primary, Bury


What can I say about these girls? Simply put they are gifted in the ability to inspire change in the next generation.
Using their talents and experience to equip young people with the mindset that can support their journey through life.
If anyone is looking for something that can engage the children and can inspire change, these are the girls!

Luke Askew - Motivational Speaker
Mynd Coach


We have worked with Liz and Gemma at St Gregory's for the past 3 years. This has involved a variety of activities including staff training, parent workshops, assemblies, whole class and small group work, coaching for staff and team teaching. This has had a significant impact on both behaviour for learning and standards across the school as pupils self belief, motivation and resilience has grown. We continue to work with Liz and Gemma on our Growth Mindset journey and would highly recommend GyM to anyone.

Kelly Watson - Headteacher
St Gregory's Primary, Farnworth 

Growth Mindset, the foundation for learning.

Growth Mindset is the foundation to all learning, it's true! It's not just some fad or a happy clappy notion. It's based on real research, real science and real case studies from a University professor over in the USA. 
Mindsets have always been there and they are also not going away anytime soon. 
It's no surprise that developing mindsets allows you to become a better learner, a happier person, to be able to make progress and deal with life's difficulties with confidence.
Here at Grow Your Mindset we create training, workshops and courses that are built on psychology, science and our own tried and tested methods, ensuring that you get the maximum results.

Growth Mindset, training and workshops for businesses and organisations.

At Grow Your Mindset we ensure that your business or organisation goes from good to being pretty darn awesome - ensuring sustainability throughout your company, so that it continues to thrive and grow.

Growth Mindset, creating a culture in any educational setting.

We work with your headteacher, your office staff, the dinner lady, the GSCE student, the A-Level taker and the tiny EYFS child stood at the sand pit to create a whole culture of positive mindsets, whatever your educational setting.