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Grow Your Mindset believe...

that all individuals can develop their mindset to achieve their goals both personally and professionally.


'Hello!' From Grow your Mindset.

Grow your Mindset started as a little project for 2 primary school teachers and Grow Your Mindsets founders, Gemma Sanchez and Elizabeth Cronshaw.

As middle leaders, they were asked to look at the lack of resilience that the children at their school were showing. They'd felt it themselves, in their own classrooms. Even with their jazz hands, collaborative learning and creative style to teaching, there was always a handful of kids who found things 'too hard', lacked in effort, feared making mistakes and would go into melt down if they didn't get things right and this sparked a journey, Gemma and Liz would not forget. The journey of Growth Mindset.


As you do, you get yourself on a really inspirational course and they paid for it themselves because school budgets were tight. They headed in to Manchester to spend the day and listen to public speaker and author of a ton of useful books, Jackie Beere and her journey of growth. They were hooked. They could see the answer in the palm of their hands, the theory that was going to revolutionise their classrooms for ever!

Back to the classrooms they went and began delivering the messages of growth mindset to their classes, but something wasn't quite right. It wasn't having the effect that they thought it would. That handful of kids, were still struggling. Why? It suddenly dawned on them, that unless they were prepared to 'walk the walk and talk the talk', with the children, then this was going to be a whole waste of time.

















And they did! Now this is where the magic began to happen. The children in their classes would take a few more risks, they would step out of their comfort zone more often, they didn't fear making mistakes, they would choose challenging work to complete and accepted the feedback they were given more often than before. It wasn't perfect, but nothing ever is, these children were gaining in confidence and self belief and so were Gemma and Liz.


It started in the pub!

Teaching can be tough and by Friday afternoon the pub was calling, albeit most times it was a diet coke. It was here that Gemma and Liz realised they were on to something that could make a real positive difference to children's lives and other teachers. This is where Grow Your Mindset was born. Friday afternoons, in the pub, with a diet coke and a laptop, they built their training programmes for staff, workshops for children and this lovely website which you are now reading and exploring

Put your feet up, grab a brew and watch this short video which shows Gemma and Liz in action!


Grow Your Mindset officially launched in September 2018, when former colleagues thought they were crazy and loved ones were anxious as to whether this idea could work.

Gemma and Liz had faith and stayed strong, totally committed to ensuring that their purpose was to support and guide as many children as possible through their work in schools.

They have used their skills in teaching to ensure learning is always engaging, purposeful and fun in any session they deliver. Grow Your Mindset's training is underpinned by the research and findings of both Carol Dweck and James Anderson.


At Grow Your Mindset we don't promise a quick fix. Growth Mindset is not a gimmick or a fad. It's here to stay. 


Realistic mindset improvement and development hinges on tangible factors such as resilience, problem-solving, sustainability, positive relationships, personal development and support.

Grow Your Mindset has gone on to develop a range of programmes and training for schools, businesses and organisations all delivered to the highest possible standard, with a few laughs along the way.

Today, we have a small team of associates, who Gemma and Liz collected along their journey. Like minded educators with a passion for making a real difference to people's thinking, attitudes and beliefs.

Now even the government have taken our vision seriously. With scientific research on the link with Growth Mindset and improved mental health, the Conservative government are supporting schools and businesses with investment in mental health and also ensuring the PSHE curriculum is statutory from September 2020. 

Businesses too are seeing the importance of promoting and developing the mindsets on themselves and their employees, not only to increase productivity in the workplace, but to invest in their people to allow them to thrive.

Grow Your Mindset are on a mission!

Our aim in life is simple. To positively impact on as many individuals we can, to ensure they can become the best version of themselves.

We work with schools, businesses an organisations, no matter how big or small,  where they are in world or how far they are on their journey.

Our workshops, training and bespoke programmes cover a huge range of areas including language use, zones of learning, resilience training, metacognition, collaborative learning, team building, mental health and employee engagement. We are changing all the time, adapting to what you need and want.

We have been nominated and won a number of awards North West Business Words, Rossendale Awards, Nexus Education Blog, E3 Business Awards, Health and Wellbeing Awards and the Inspire Women Awards to name a few. *

*We also like to wear posh frocks


Listen to Grow Your Mindset on the radio

Listen to our full interview on

Radio Warrington which aired on

4th October 2018. 

It gives you a real insight to the vision that we have. Enjoy!

 World Mental Health Day

We feel really proud to have been part of the Hits Radio #Worldmentalhealthday awareness campaign. 

Gemma talks to Clare Riley from Classroom Secrets all about Growth MIndset and how Grow Your MIndset came to be.

ribble fm.jpg

 All About You with Ribble FM 

We were invited to speak to Lee at Ribble FM about the work we do for schools and businesses. 

Click the picture to have a listen.


Mind your Own Business with Tracy Heatley of Rossendale Radio.

Click the picture to have a listen

Marie Baistow invited Liz to join her on her Mental Health Matters show to talk about all things Mindet.

Click the video to have a listen


Gemma featured again on Tracy's Show during the COVID19 lockdown to talk about how business can still grow mindsets in this difficult time.

Click the picture to have a listen

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