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Grow Your Mindset are passionate about ensuring any educational setting can unlock their potential!


The Educational Hub

Growing mindsets is fundamental for successful learning and development in any educational setting. Grow Your Mindset , use fun, interactive strategies throughout all their school workshops, staff inset and keynote conference speeches.

Whatever your educational setting, primary, secondary, college or university, we've got it covered and adapt and suit our work to your setting.

Here is where you can find out more!

Teacher Training INSET & CPD

Grow Your Mindset INSET and CPD training sessions will provide you with a blend of theory and practical skills, to take back to the classroom and use every day for increasing engagement, learning and motivation.

Each of the inset workshops below can be structured into hour, two-hour or half day training sessions to allow for reflection in between and can include themes and topics which are important to you, creating a bespoke journey for your educational setting

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GyM Hub:
Developing a Growth Mindset culture

Grow Your Mindset invite all staff in any educational setting to learn how to develop a whole culture of growth with some practical tools and self reflection along the way.




We believe in our teachers, no matter their experience or pay grade.

In this course, work with Grow Your Mindset to develop your practise and develop professionally to empower not only yourself, but those around you.

GyM Coach:
Bringing the best out of our teachers


GyM Teach:
Weaving Growth Mindset through the curriculum



Creating a real Growth Mindset culture is not just a stand alone PSHE lesson, it's just what we do, in all lessons.

Here, Grow Your Mindset show you how.

Pupil Workshops

Grow Your Mindset pupil workshops are fun, highly engaging and get your pupils to reflect on their current beliefs, behaviours and attitudes towards learning.

With our expertise in education, we plan and deliver all kinds of workshops to suit any age range in any educational setting. We can work across your setting in every class or we can work with focus groups over a period of time. The choice is yours!


GyM Teach:
Understanding Growth Mindset

From the start of the day to the end, Grow Your Mindset work with all classes in your setting to deliver messages about what Growth Mindset actually is.




Small groups or whole classes can benefit from a series of sessions over a number of weeks to boost their mindset.

GyM Motivate:
Motivating Mindsets


Brain GyM:
Growth Mindset activity day



A whole day of tricky treasure hunting and magnificent mindfullness, this is a great day for the whole school to enjoy.

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GyM Emotions:
Connecting Emotionally

Small groups or whole classes can benefit from a series of sessions over a number of weeks to connect their mindset with their emotions - developing emotional intelligence.

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GyM Pick n' Mix:
A Magic Experience

This is where you can choose from the extensive range below and pick a block of focus areas. Then mix each 1 hour workshop between the year groups you feel would benefit during

an academic year.

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