GyM Coach: Bringing the best out of our teachers

Our newest course is here to further support and develop your staff to be the best version of themselves, whilst finding a sustainable solution to developing your Growth Mindset culture across the school community.


  • To identify sustainable solutions for Growth Mindset

  • To coach and collaborate with colleagues

  • To develop an understanding of Growth Mindset in daily practise

  • To develop professionally

  • To celebrate successes

  • To drive high standards of teaching and learning

​Oh, and become a Growth Mindset Champion!

In GyM Coach, Grow Your Mindset work in a small team to develop their practise on the front line, with their classes.

We conduct lesson studies, looking for areas for development and developing a real solid plan on how to achieve their goals and ambitions. We look for solutions, not problems and meet regularly to discuss progress, but we also encourage peer to peer support. We use only the best examples and success stories to be inspired from, nurturing your staff, believing in their potential, raising confidence and self esteem to then watch them flourish in the classroom and beyond.

Teacher Training INSET & CPD pricing

Grow Your Mindset coaching is delivered in our unique, engaging, energetic style by Gemma and Liz and we can adjust prices according to numbers in the group.

We break the coaching model in to 4 parts:

  1. Initial assessment and learning walk takes place - discuss outcomes with SLT and select staff to develop. 

  2. Initial meeting with staff to discuss expectation and agree an action plan

  3. Revisit learning walk and 1:1 coaching sessions to evaluate progress and outcomes

  4. Create next steps for progress and feedback to SLT

We can work with a maximum group size of 5 in order to ensure they get the best quality coaching for their needs. 

4 parts, maximum of 5 in a group £2000 (for 3 full days input)

*We do add travel accommodation where necessary.