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Inspirational Speakers

And action! Videos are great at engaging an audience and they are great for finding stuff out in a relatively short space of time.  So here you can find videos that are great for developing the principles of Growth Mindset and inspiring you or others. Want an engaged audience at you next conference or keynote? Or maybe you just want to find out something fast about Growth Mindset in the world of business? Try some of these crackers!

Carol Dweck rounds up her work about the Power of Yet in this TED Talk

BJ Fogg talks about how Tiny Habits can make huge changes to your life in this TED Talk

In his talk, Stephen Duneier explains that what truly defines him aren't titles, but an approach to decision making.

The brilliant Simon Sinek talks about the impact our leadership style has on our colleagues.

Jeff Moore talks about how applying yourself fully because you are unique, will lead to great things in this TED Talk

Matthew Syed makes the case for acknowledging failure and confronting our mistakes, a notion he refers to as “Black Box Thinking”.

Another truly inspiring interview with Simon Sinek, tackling leadership, motivation and relationships in the world of business.

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Sure you can.

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