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Grow Your Mindset: Charity and Fundraising

At Grow Your Mindset we understand some of the challenges that people across the globe face, physically, mentally, environmentally and ethically.

It's always been important that we support charities and fundraising in any way we can, aligning with our corporate responsibility and values and since we launched back in late 2018 we have raised money every year for a chosen charity.

We have recently decided to focus on a local charity that had a similar alignment to the work we do and the values we hold. To be honest, we were struggling to find a perfect match! As luck would have it Wonderful Life Academy got in touch out of the blue seeking support for the services they provide.

In Spring 2023 we formed an alliance with the founder, Neil Gowing, with a promise our fundraising efforts would support his charity as much as possible

Who are The Wonderful Life Academy?

The Wonderful Life Academy deliver a whole range of workshops and online materials that support anyone to have the life they deserve.

They focus on providing services for the most vulnerable people, those in the community who may not have access to the support they need for their mental health and wellbeing

Initially set up to provide support for frontline workers during the pandemic, The Wonderful Academy has gone from strength to strength reaching further and wider.


Grow Your Mindset wanted to support this excellent work, ensuring it continues, in any way they could.

As a business, for EVERY review we get via Trustpilot, Google or Facebook  we donate £10 to Wonderful Life and of course we raise funds for them by doing all sorts of activities!

Have a look at some of our photos of past fundraising events.

Who we have supported in the past

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