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Mindsets are an important part of your personality, but can you change them? We believe by knowing, understanding and being self aware of your mindset, you can influence your thoughts, language and actions. Teachers and parents have a powerful opportunity to influence students' mindsets, so we have developed a series of strands in which they support, guide and advise you in how you can cultivate a growth mindset culture within your community, to include all staff, children and parents.  


So why is developing a Growth Mindset fundamental to learning?

As soon as children become able to evaluate themselves, some

of them become afraid of, or avoid challenges, fear of making

mistakes, see feedback as a personal criticism and consider

effort to be fruitless. Making a Mindset Move ultimately changes

how we approach learning. This shift over time leads to higher

achievement. Those that believe their abilities are malleable are

more likely to embrace challenges and persist despite failure and

if abilities can be expanded - if change and growth are possible -

then there are still many paths to success.

Liz and Gemma are passionate about ensuring your staff and children unlock their potential!


How the Grow Your Mindset Girls will support your school.


All staff are invited to take part in highly engaging and informative Grow your Mindset training, learning the fundamental principles of Growth Mindset and the common misconceptions about delivering it in schools. With 25 years teaching experience (including 7 years SENCO) between them, we have seen how successful a Growth Mindset school can be, and so want to share that knowledge with all school staff in their first step of developing a whole school culture

Our workshops cover what the main principles are, practical advice and can also show links with behaviour management

GyM Hub 

GyM Teach 

Start the day with an interactive and visually exciting assembly, then working alongside staff in a Team Teach style, we will work with classes to develop children's understanding of Growth Mindset.

Using animations, collaborative activities, story and engaging songs, children will have a deeper knowledge of how their brain learns. Thoughts and observations will be fed back to the SLT Team to put a 'next steps' plan into place.

We will also Team Teach and plan with staff, weaving the development of mindsets through everyday lessons.

Brain GyM 

A fun Growth Mindset 'Activity Day' awaits each class to embed their learning and understanding of the principles of Growth Mindset. Challenges, races and teamwork will all be involved to get your children up and moving.

The session finishes with reflection and discussion of highly achievable strategies for children to use for life.

We will bring the 'Brain' back into your school to really add that 'WOW' factor. 


GyM Sprint 

Here we offer individual or small groups of children or even a particular year group, a more focused, personal experience with regular Growth Mindset interventions, to develop confidence, engagement and to reinforce what learning looks and feels like. Using a variety of hands on activities we guarantee engagement, focus and fun!

We have recently worked with a number of Year 6 classes on the run up to SATs week to offer support and guidance on their up and coming tests as well as the transition to high school.



Community GyM

To communicate your school's vision and to embrace the wider community into your journey, we offer workshops for parents, carers, lunch time supervisors, administrators, governors and even the caretaker! They are just as an important part of the journey as children and staff and with their involvement the impact is increased dramatically.

These can be as practical as you like. We have delivered a number of successful workshops and can discuss with you how to get the best from them.



Our pricing is simple and we only charge for our time.*

Full day workshops £700

1/2 day workshop £450

1 hour workshop £165

*Training and CPD pricing is available upon request

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It's a fact that nearly half of all lifetime mental illnesses emerge by the age of 14.

Recent research (J.L Schleider and J.R Weisz 2016) proposed by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) emphasises that "Mindset intervention may be useful in the context of both prevention and treatment efforts to reduce youth internalising difficulties. It's ability to reduce risk factors and strengthen resilience factors linked to youth internalising distress suggests that mindset intervention may help prevent the onset of full blown anxiety or depressive disorders."

Growth Mindset vs Mental Illness


WHAT schools SAY

As a whole school we have genuinely benefited from our Grow your Mindset sessions, due to Gemma and Liz tailoring the training to the needs of both our staff and children. They used a mix of theory and practical experience which instilled confidence in us as a team.

Kelly Devine - Headteacher @Waterfoot Primary School

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