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GyM Hub: Developing a Growth Mindset Culture

Grow Your Mindset invite all staff in any educational setting to learn how to develop a whole culture of growth with some practical tools and self reflection along the way with our accredited course.


  • To understand key principles of Growth Mindset

  • To understand the benefits of a growth mindset in terms of  health and well-being

  • To understand the process of learning

  • To know the difference between learning and performance zones

  • To recognise how we impact on mindsets of others

  • To develop the use of language within the classroom

  • To gather ideas and tips to use in your setting 

​Oh, and to have a brilliant time!

We know how you feel after teaching all day. We know from our experience as teachers, that every minute is precious, which makes it even more important for us to give you the high quality training you deserve and need. We promise fun, games and thought provoking activities.


Developing your own mindset is incredibly valuable and time needs to be given to reflect and think about your own mindsets before developing it in your classes. This course allows you to take time to reflect on your own practise, but also think about how to implement a Growth Mindset culture in your classroom aswell a creating consistency as a whole setting.

Teacher Training INSET & CPD pricing

Grow Your Mindset training is delivered in our unique, engaging, energetic style by Gemma or Liz .

We can deliver to any audience size and encourage settings to work together as clusters to help share the cost, so if you are a small school and your budget is limited or you're a huge school with lots of staff, give us a call or drop us an email and we can chat through the possibilities with you.

*We do add travel accommodation where necessary

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