Introducing our 2nd Children's Book:
Millie Mistakes.

Grow Your Mindset are proud to launch the publication of their second book.

Millie Mistakes is now available to buy

£7.99 (including P&P/ £12.99 for outside UK)


Book Synopsis:

Millie feared making mistakes, she didn’t want to upset or disappoint anyone, until her dad taught her how mistakes could help her learn.

What Millie didn’t realise that this was only a small part of what she needed to know…

Dad noticed what was happening, “We need to talk about all these mistakes you’re making.”

“You told me, it was good to make mistakes. Mistakes help me to learn.” said Millie, a little bewildered.

“They do help you learn. That’s the important bit. When you make a mistake, you need to think about how you can change it for next time….. It’s about making new mistakes, not the same ones.”

Millie Mistakes is a story to show that making mistakes is a part of learning and that everyone makes them. With the help of her dad, she discovers that it isn’t making the mistake that is important, but what we learn from the experience to help us grow.

Millie Mistakes is the second book in the Learning Block series.


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Eddie Effort had always found learning easy. He was the cleverest in the class. He knew it, his friends knew it, everyone knew it.

Until one day, in art class, Eddie found that he wasn’t very clever at all…

“I’m rubbish at drawing, I will never be an artist, it’s much too hard for me.”

Everyone turned to look at Eddie in shock.

“But you’re the cleverest in the class!” They all said.

Eddie looked at his picture and started to cry. It was true. He was the cleverest in the class, so why was he not clever at drawing?

Eddie Effort is the delightful story of a boy who finds out the true meaning of learning. With the help and support from his friends and teacher, he realises that there are more important things than being the cleverest in the class.