Introducing our first Children's Book:

Eddie Effort.

Grow Your Mindset are proud to launch the sale of the first of five children's books.

Eddie Effort is now available to purchase

£9.99 (including P&P/ £12.99 for outside UK)


Book Synopsis:

Eddie Effort had always found learning easy. He was the cleverest in the class. He knew it, his friends knew it, everyone knew it.

Until one day, in art class, Eddie found that he wasn’t very clever at all…

“I’m rubbish at drawing, I will never be an artist, it’s much too hard for me.”

Everyone turned to look at Eddie in shock.

“But you’re the cleverest in the class!” They all said.

Eddie looked at his picture and started to cry. It was true. He was the cleverest in the class, so why was he not clever at drawing?

Eddie Effort is the delightful story of a boy who finds out the true meaning of learning. With the help and support from his friends and teacher, he realises that there are more important things than being the cleverest in the class.

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