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Everyone loves a freebie and here at Grow Your Mindset we are no different. Some times you just need that little something to get you start on your Growth Mindset journey and that may be for you to use personally or even with your colleagues. Hopefully, you will find something here to get those neurons firing.

We will also add to the page when we can, so keep checking back - you do not want to miss anything!

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Mindset Check

Want to know which mindset you predominantly head towards? Or how you see the world based upon your experiences? 

Maybe you want your staff and colleagues to find out? This is the starting point for you. This questionnaire will help see where you are on the mindset continuum, where you can make changes for the better or understand what you do well already.

It must be answered as truthfully as possible (no cheating!!!), in order to get the best from it and know where to go next.

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Growth Mindset Language

Keep this worksheet handy and jot down the fixed or growth mindset statements you hear and how you or the other party responded. Pay attention to your own language as well as what you hear others saying to you or to each other. 

Use your completed sheet as a source of discussion at team meetings.

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Making Mistakes Reflection sheet

Think about a mistake you made, preferably one that is not too emotionally charged. It could be anything – a mistake you made while learning something new, maybe you misunderstood the instructions for a task at work and did it incorrectly, or maybe a social faux pas where you said something you wish you hadn’t, or you snapped at someone and regretted it later.

Use this sheet to analyse your mistake, reflect on your feelings and look for alternative outcomes

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Developing a Growth Mindset - Step 1

Once you understand what a growth mindset is and why it is such an important belief system, you can begin to practice this way of thinking, through awareness and honesty

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Developing a Growth Mindset - Step 2

You may not always be able to change what happens around you, but you always have a choice of how you respond, react, and how you view the situation.

Use this sheet to focus on your perspective and your inner dialogue (flip the script)

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Developing a Growth Mindset - Step 3

At this point you’ve noticed your fixed mindset persona thinking limited thoughts and you’ve changed your perspective. The next step is the most important, and in fact is what truly makes someone have a growth mindset. The most important factor for developing a growth mindset is action.

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"Ooooh I love all this wonderful stuff! Can I get more?"
Sure you can.

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