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Pupil Workshops

GyM Motivate: Motivating Mindsets 

Small groups or whole classes can benefit from a series of sessions over a number of weeks to boost their mindset.


  • To develop an awareness of Growth & Fixed Mindset

  • To recognise Fixed triggers

  • To understanding the learning and performance zone

  • To know how the brain learns

  • To focus on positive thoughts

  • To gain in confidence and make more mindset moves

​Oh, and to realise we can anything we put our minds to!

Here we offer individuals, small groups or even a particular year group, a more focused, personal experience with regular Growth Mindset interventions, to develop confidence, engagement and to reinforce what learning looks and feels like. Using a variety of hands on activities we guarantee engagement, focus and fun!

Our most popular set of workshops, we aim to Mindset Motivate. With regular sessions over a period of time, mindsets can be transformed. We liaise with staff and leave valuable resources for them to continue the work covered in between and after our sessions.

Pupil workshop pricing

These sessions are delivered by a highly skilled teacher with a passion for Growth Mindset. All our sessions are differentiated according to the age range of the group, hands on and fun. They come in a block of 3 afternoon sessions, 1 per week (although we can do more, if you like!)

*We do add travel accommodation where necessary

Here are a few links to some lovely resources to help you keep things bubbling along!

Stories To Tell

Videos To Watch

Songs To Sing

Free Resources

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