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Songs to Sing

Ahhh, singing. Who doesn't like a good old sing song? Something to really lift your spirits but also have a catchy message to learn from.

All these songs are great for developing the principles of Growth Mindset and have a great time too. So get out the karaoke machine, crank up the volume and sing into that hairbrush! sings 'What I am' with the cast of Sesame Street.

Janelle Monae sings 'The Power of YET!' with the cast of

Sesame Street.

The Growth Mindset Song

Try, Try Again! Sesame Street Song

The Dot Song

Bruno Mars sings 'Don't Give Up' with the cast of Sesame Street.

Shakira sings 'Try Everything' the theme to Zootropolis.

Big Bird sings about Mistakes!

Neuroplasticity Song

"More, more, more!" We hear you cry.

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Songs To Sing

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