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Pupil Workshops

Mindset Magic
Pick n' Mix! 

What a great new opportunity this is

for your setting.

This is where you can choose from the extensive range below and pick a block of focus areas for your school. Then mix each 1 hour workshop between the year groups you feel would benefit during an academic year.

Take a look we guarantee there's something here for your school!

Focus Themes:

1.  A is for Aspiration 

2. Becoming a Neuron Ninja

3. Building Resilience

4. Circle of Control  - Strategies for Frustration

5. Creating Collaboration - parts (a) and (b)

6. Exploring the Learning Blocks part (a)

7. Embracing the Learning Blocks through Positivity Pebbles part (b) 

8. Fixed and Growth Mindsets, what are they?

9. Inner Strengths - identifying yours part (a)

10. Inner Strengths - putting them into action part (b)

11. Kindness and Compliments,  the impact!

12. Learning Zones and Performance Zones, knowing the difference.

13. Magic Mistakes 

14. Managing Emotions  - Know how you feel part (a)

15. Managing Emotions - Going for Green part (b)

16. Managing Impulsivity

17. Perspective and Debate - different viewpoints are healthy.

18. Self Belief and Motivation

19. The Importance of Gratitude

20. Thought Holes - What are they and how to get out?

21. What to do with a worry?

* To complete part (b) of a focus area part (a) must also be experienced.

Fancy a Discovery Meeting to discuss your vision with the GyM Team?

With our bespoke workshops we can deliver a range of objectives to enhance any learning environment through a Mindset focus. These can be  chosen by you to link with your school's core values, a door to change perspective, an area to improve attitude, belief or focus of young learners and don't forget a great CPD experience for Teachers and Support Staff too.

Mindset Magic Pick n' Mix Pricing

These sessions are delivered by a highly skilled teacher with a passion to encourage all learners not to be 'the best' but to be 'their best'.  Each session is differentiated according to the age range of the class and we guarantee an engaging,  hands on, fun series of workshops 


Each workshop including parts (a) and (b) last for 1 hour and can be purchased in blocks of 6 or 10.

A block of 6 focused sessions £750

A block of 10 focused sessions £1,125

*We do add travel accommodation where necessary

An example of Pick n, Mix Purchase: 6 focused sessions:  Numbers 3 / 8 / 12 / 16 / 18 / 20

Autumn Term 1:      Year 3 experience (8) / Year 5 experience (18)

Autumn Term 2:     Year 3 experience (3)

Spring Term 1:       Year 6 experience (12)

Spring Term 2:     Year 5 experience (20)

Summer Term 1:  Year 4 experience (16)

What's great is you are in control - You choose the focus, who you want to experience it and when you want us to visit, booking for when you and your staff feel the focus is needed the most.

Here are a few links to some lovely resources to help you keep things bubbling along!

Stories To Tell

Videos To Watch

Songs To Sing

Free Resources

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