Mindset & You - The Interview

Wanting to listen to influential people about their thoughts on developing mindsets? Well, you've come to the right place! Mindset & You is a series of interviews with a wide range of people, teachers, psychologists, consultants, researchers and children, who all get the opportunity to talk to us about our favourite subject, Growth Mindset!

You probably all know by now that the Grow Your Mindset team love a good chin wag, so why not do it with a bunch of people they are inspired by and have met along the way?! 

We find out why as much as we can about them, their history, what they do and why they love their jobs, but also why they think developing mindsets is important to them.

We keep adding to this page as more and more interviews take place, so keep popping back for an update.

In their first interview, Gemma talks to Clinical Psychologist, Dr Hazel Harrison from Think Avellana, about why she thinks mindset development is essential in schools and it's impact on wellbeing.

In their first interview together, Gemma and Liz interview James Anderson, Australian educator and speaker. They find out about his passion for education and why he's so dedicated to individuals becoming 'Growth Orientated', dispelling Growth Mindset misconceptions. 

Tracy is the director of Better Networking and also Manager of Business over Breakfast Networking group for the North West. She is passionate about her work and explains in this interview how mindset is incredibly important in the world of business.

Adrian Bethune is a primary teacher, who is passionate about wellbeing and mental health in education. He is also the author of Wellbeing in the Primary Classroom.
Here he is being interviewed by Gemma about all things mindset. ENJOY!

Dave McPartlin, is probably most famously known as the headteacher, who took his school to Britain's Got Talent and got the Golden Buzzer from David Walliams. There is much more to Dave and his vision that he calls, "Dare 2 Dream,". Find out why he is so passionate about his Fleetwood based school and what Dare 2 Dream is all about in Gemma's interview.

Liz chats with Sally McEvoy, Head of Customer Services at Co-operative Bank PLC  about how developing a Growth Mindset ethos is her passion and vision for herself, her colleagues and her business environment.

Ben Cooper is a Vice Principal in a UAE International school, who is inspired by others, their ideas and resources. Those little nuggets he shares on his website www.wagollteaching.com, to help support teachers from all over the world to be the best version of themselves.

Nic Ashcroft works in the customer services department at the Co-operative Bank PLC at their Skelmersdale site. She has an amazing back story as to how developing her mindset has affected her and changed her life both personally and professional. Have a watch of Liz's interview with her.

Jenny is a former teacher, now taken the courage to leave the classroom and take on franchise 'Sweaty Mama's' for the Bury area. Her journey, learning about growth mindset has impacted on her massively as a teacher, a mum and also as an individual. Find out the hows and whys of Jenny's journey here!