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Grow Your Mindset's Current Events and Training opportunities

Avoiding Burnout

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Please join Grow Your Mindset's Co-Founder Gemma each month for her lunchtime learning events.

Each month will focus on a different topic and are all completely FREE.

Events for the rest of 2023 have now been organised so get yourself booked on.

Managing your state - calling upon pleasant emotions

The Headteacher Network

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At Grow Your Mindset we know being a headteacher can be tough.
You worry about the pressures your SLT and staff faces on a day to day basis
You worry about the increasing challenges due to squeezed budgets, parents, illness, data & Ofsted
You're finding more & more children struggling with the realms of education

That's where we come in! Grow Your Mindset have created a Headteacher network - a small group of headteachers who want to find solutions to many of these issues, whilst collaborating with others who understand & empathise.

Accredited Training for staff in Education

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Grow Your Mindset's famous accredited training is now being offered to those who maybe new to a school where the staff have completed the training already or for those wanting a refresher.
This is Part of our GyM Hub training - a really reflective and personal journey, whilst getting to grips with the fundamental principles of what it means to have a growth mindset.

This is for 2 twilight sessions and you need to be available for both in order to be rewarded your accreditation.
No payment needs to be made - invoices will be sent to the school office on the date of the first session for £80 for both sessions.

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