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Developing Mindset Awareness in an Educational Setting (Vlog 1)

Updated: Mar 27

We were recently approached by Phil Denton (Board Director of LEARN at Opogo ) to create some short videos as he loves what we do and wants to share this on his platform with the 100s of schools he's connected with.

We couldn't resist because our passion is to share the fundamental messages about the importance of Mindset Development far and wide. So Liz has created 3x 10 minute videos here's the first one.

What you have seen is just 10 minutes of our 4 hour Accredited Training as an Introduction to Developing Mindset Awareness in Education which is informative, reflective, hands-on and FUN!, Want to know more? Want to create that foundation for learning in your setting?

Get in touch, we're taking enquires for Insets and Twilights from September for the 2024/25 academic year, we'd love to hear from you.

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