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Thought Holes - Leapfrogging, what is it?

So what is Leapfrogging?

Leapfrogging is another Thought Hole we often fall into, in fact Leapfrogging is the umbrella error of Thought Holes. This means all Thought Holes somehow include jumping to a conclusion or making an assumption without having all the evidence and how often does that happen?

Here's Liz giving some more details about what this Thought Hole looks, sounds and feels like:

How do we manage Leapfrogging?

To jump to conclusions and make assumptions is an impulsive reaction and therefore when you find yourself Leapfrogging the advice we give is to ask yourself what evidence do you have that what you are thinking IS true?

Before you believe your thoughts are facts press your Perspective Pause Button.

  • Stop what you are doing.

  • Think about what you have thought or said.

  • Decide are your thoughts helpful? Is carrying on going to make the situation better or worse for you or others?

  • Act and follow the response that would make it better, that often means challenging your thoughts for evidence of truth.

If you're a leap-frogger, start noticing, start challenging and start changing your perspective, you'll feel a whole lot better.

Much Love


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