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What is International Leadership Day?

With the US presidential election finally drawing to a close after a few nail biting days, it seems timely that International Leadership day is coming up. Gemma's blog will answer all your questions around this and also pinpoint ways to be the best leader possible.

What is International Leadership day?

International Leadership day is officially the 18th November, but is has been made much bigger by numerous organisations to bring together some of the most influential and successful leaders from around the globe, to share different aspects of their work over a week, rather than a day.

One such organisation is the Institute of Leadership and Management who are bringing together 40 different leaders from 40 different countries to talk and give their views on how to solve the world challenges that are being faced today within organisations and businesses. Topics, such as movements like Black Lives Matter, political discussion around BREXIT and even COVID-19 will all be being discussed to offer a new way of thinking and a new way of operating, with a philosophy of 'Everyone is a leader.'

Many of these events are free and offer businesses and organisations lots of opportunity to improve and develop their systems and culture.

What makes you an outstanding leader?

We ask this question a lot when working with businesses ourselves and the list can be quite subjective, so what does make an outstanding leader? In a former blog, The Mindset of a Leader, I came to the conclusion that through the people I was inspired by and had met along the way, that leadership was quite misunderstood. Leadership is not about the CEO or Managing Director title, but leadership was about the action and thinking shown by an individual. The feeling they give you when they walk in a room. Almost like some crazy love affair. If a CEO walks into the boardroom and an atmosphere of fear is shared, that's not a leader in the slightest, that's a dictatorship. If Sharon from Customer Services walks in and everyone listens intently to her forward thinking ideas and she appreciates her team with compassion and humility, then, that's our leader. (Sharon, I know you're out there doing a fine job somewhere!)

As I mention in my previous blog, "A transformational leader, does the day to day running but they also act as a role model, coach, as a motivator, who offers vision, excitement, encouragement, morale and satisfaction to the staff. They inspires their people to increase their abilities and capabilities, build up self-confidence and promote innovation in the whole workplace.

This leader’s style is to focus on team-building, motivation and collaboration with employees at different levels to accomplish change for the better. This leader sets standards for excellence, takes risks, challenges the status quo and puts people first."

What makes you a weak leader?

Well, a weak leader is quite simply the opposite of the above. They are obsessed with hierarchy, pitching the team off against each other and making themselves known as the source of power and control, which often instils fear and competition through the workforce.

Maybe they're quite operational, they just do what needs to be done in the here and now and I think with COVID-19, this has led to a lot of companies and organisations to become like this. Trying to manoeuvre through all the protocols and guidance that has been spewed out . This I understand completely, it has been a necessity at a time such as this, but also now is the time to refocus and get back to doing the above, adapting to the change that has now become the norm and not forgetting the bigger picture. Weak leaders get stuck in a cycle of operations and don't have that clear vision of where they are going.

What are 5 good qualities of a leader?

So let's summarise, just to be clear. 5 good qualities of a leader.

1. Clarity

They communicate clearly and concisely - always. The vision is understood and the reasoning behind it. Everyone understands what the vision is and how they will be involved in helping to achieve it.

2. Decisiveness

Once a decision is made they run with it. That's not to say they may tweak and change aspects, but they see things through. Quite often decisions are made then reneged upon or not seen through, therefore confusion ensues and a lack of trust grows. By being decisive, you show commitment and this in turn builds the trust needed in order to promote growth.

3. Courage

This is having faith in the cause. Absolutely believing what your vision is and the actions you take are for the good of the workforce and company itself. You dare to be different, to try new things and don't just follow the crowd, just because.

4. Passion

The biggest quality is seeing someone who has a passion for what they are doing and what they believe in. The show energy for the cause no matter how big or small it may be. This encourages people to join the journey and work with you to achieving your vision.

5. Humility

Being humble also play an important role. Developing a mindset where you accept responsibility for mistakes and failures, you take criticism from others and see this as an opportunity to develop and grow. You also appreciate and show gratitude to those that are alongside you. You have to earn you leadership, not jus war the badge.

How Grow Your Mindset support Leaders.

Leaders need to focus on their mindset more than anyone else. It can be dangerous to think that it is just down to those around you to change.

Grow Your Mindset work with leaders in both education and businesses, either 1:1 or as a collective through a keynote or workshop. Our goal? To support you in becoming the best leader you can be.

So if you're wanting to look further into this area and stop the operational and become more effective feel free to get in touch

If I've learnt one thing through all my research on leadership, this has really stuck with me. Treat your team like your family. If you wouldn't say or behave in that manner with your kids, don't do it in your business or organisation. No matter what your label.

If you love a good read, why don't you check out our other blogs about mindsets.

If you would like to know more about Grow Your Mindset click here.

Much Love

Gemma x

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