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Top Tips for increasing Happiness

This month across our socials we have been talking all about Dr Andy Cope's thesis. He studied a variety of workplaces and wanted to find those employers who considered themselves to be truly 'happy' and 'flourishing.'

He gave out diaries in the workplace and asked people to record their feelings during the working week. He then plotted people on a graph of well being or happiness.

He found that only two-percent were near the top of the graph of wellbeing; they were anomalies and reported being genuinely happy.

So in this blog, we've used his research to look at 5 key areas that can increase happiness, if you're will to give them ago.

How to develop confidence:

How do you develop more confidence? In this video Gemma explain's the power of 'anchoring' an amazing technique, where you can summon any state at will.

How to increase happiness

How do you increase confidence? In this video Gemma explains another great tip as well as building on the 'anchoring'technique.

Why acting in spite of fear can make you happier

We are get fearful when faced with the unknown, but did you know that acting in spite of fear can actually make you happier? Find out how in this video.

The benefit of exploring new things

Stepping out of our normal routine and comfort zone to explore new things can be daunting, but trying a variety of mew opportunities can increase you mental fitness and happiness.

How embracing change isn't that scary

Change can be difficult and require lots of effort, but embracing change can also leads to enjoyment and excitement. Find out how in this video.

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Much Love

Liz & Gemma x

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