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Ideas and tips for managing stress

Facts and statistics about stress

In the UK’s largest ever stress survey, 74% of people said stress has made them feel overwhelmed and unable to cope. But there are lots of little ways you can help manage stress every day.

Taking time to identify the emotional and mental pressures in our lives and addressing them is a good way to understand and protect our mental health.

What is National Stress Awareness?

The beginning of November marks both Stress Awareness day and Stress Awareness Week but even though it's a theme at the moment it is important that we look at this all year round to ensure we can continue to grow and thrive in whatever environment we find ourselves in.

We all get stressed, but how we manage it and act when faced with it is crucial in ensuring we have good mental health.

Our blog from last year, 'What causes Stress at Work?' talks about the causes of stress - now lets offer some tips!

How can I manage my stress?

Be mindful not mind full:

  • Take a step back to give yourself the time and perspective to think about what it actually is that is making you feel anxious.

  • Be connected with your body and mind so you begin to understand where you begin to feel your anxiety, is it your beating heart, headaches, sweaty palms, upset tummy, be aware on a regular basis, those are signs from our body and mind that things are not well and not to be ignored.

Be proactive:

  • Taking back control can create order, so making a list, blocking out time to do certain things.

  • Go and speak to someone for advice, support or to give a different perspective.

  • Be kind to yourself:

  • Take breaks and give yourself time for lunch, with colleagues, friends, family.

  • Develop your inner coach rather than an inner critic. Talk to yourself the same way you would talk to a colleague or friend who needed support.

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Much Love

Liz x

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