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Valentine's Day and Kids - what an interesting combination!

Ahhh, the month of love. February. Valentine’s day. The shops are filled with more and more gifts for Valentine’s day as every year goes by.

Sure, I give my husband a Valentine’s card every year, but we never really celebrate it or do anything out of the norm. Not because my marriage is bitter, twisted and cold to the core, but because we celebrate our love all year round! Ha!

At Grow your Mindset, we work with children up and down the country and one of the reasons I love working with children is because of the seemingly innocent things they say and do, that make everyday a joy.

So, I’ve been doing a little research and thought if anyone was stuck for ideas for this year’s Valentine’s card, not to worry because kids write the best messages in cards to the ones they love!

Ideas for your Valentine’s card.

1) Love is when you’re missing some of your teeth but you are not afraid to smile because you know your friends will still love you, even though some of you is still missing.

2) You are a beautiful human being, but I’m not good at drawing human beings, so I drew a potato instead. But, it is a very beautiful potato.

3) Thank you again, for making me food so I don’t die

4) I love you more than rainbows and beautiful blue skies, I love you more than buttercups and wings of butterflies. I love you more than……..cow

5) Dear mum, I know I don’t say this very often, but I love you very, very, very much so I’ve written you a poem. Roses are red – Just like your face when dad eats your snack!

6) I won't love you if you make me clean my room.

7) I love space, but I love you much more! I am sorry you won't see me when I grow up because I'm off to Mars, but it is a long time off, so don't worry.

8) To mum, thanks for the sh** (meant to say shirt!)

9) I love you with all my heart and my heart is big (like your ass).

10) To daddy, You make the best craps (crepes!)

Well, I think I've got my message sorted for Friday anyway!

They really did make me laugh out loud.

Have a great Valentine's day people!

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