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Thought Holes - Gigantifying, what is it?

Updated: Feb 20

What is Gigantifying?

Gigantifying is when you blow up the bad stuff in a situation. You exaggerate and make the bad stuff worse than it is. You can focus on the worse case scenario too.

So if you are a 'What if?' kind of person - this is possibly you.

  • What if it doesn't work?

  • What if I get it wrong?

  • What if I look daft?

  • What if I break my leg?

And you may also go in with the dramatics.....

  • The weather is horrendous

  • The country is ruined

  • I don't have a pot to p**s in

  • Life is terrible

How do we manage gigantifying?

With our client we use a technique called "Worst case, Best case and Most Likely scenario"

Let's take an example from above - What if I look daft?

Worst case - you look daft and everyone laughs at you

Best case - you look amazing and everyone things your incredible

Most Likely - you do ok and people support you and cheer you on.

Now we create a plan for the Worst case scenario

Worst case - you look daft and everyone laughs at you

If this happens, you make a quick exit but remind yourself that you were brave enough to try and those people laughing at you aren't really your friends.

With this plan, it will give yo the confidence to get through the challenge and if you're faced with Best case or Most Likely - then brilliant!

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