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How Does the Brain Function and How Do We Learn?

During the month of July the team here at Grow Your Mindset have been focusing our attention on that very complex and vital organ in the human body, the brain.

We have been taking time to look at parts of our brain and their functions, and how our brain learns new things.

And all of our discussions and debate about the Brain has confirmed one thing, this is the part of the human body that makes us all super special and super unique!

The human brain is the most significant difference between us and other species. We are (supposedly), more intelligent, civilised, and innovative than any other animal on the planet.

Furthermore, we have developed superior communication in the form of language and understanding, and the human consciousness has led to more sophisticated behaviours, objectivity, and reasoning.

Yet despite all the medical and neuroscientific research available, there is still, relatively little known about the brain!

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