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Pupil Workshops

Brain GyM:
Growth Mindset Activity Day

A whole day of tricky treasure hunting and magnificent mindfullness, this is a great day for the whole school to enjoy.


  • To revisit key Growth Mindset principles

  • To learn how our emotions affect our mindset

  • To develop a strategy for coping with strong emotions

​Oh, and to get up and active!

A fun Growth Mindset 'Activity Day' awaits each class to embed their learning and understanding of the principles of Growth Mindset. Challenges, races and teamwork will all be involved to get your children up and moving. Within Brain Gym, the children are up, being energetic and having fun whilst reinforcing the principles of Growth Mindset, so get your trainers at the ready!

They will work collaboratively to solve problems and puzzles and as the session finishes we will hop back into our 'Brain Space' for some reflection and discussion of highly achievable strategies for children to use for life.

This really is a fast paced but memorable day - great for any health and wellbeing weeks!

Pupil workshop pricing

These sessions are delivered by 2 highly skilled teachers with a passion for Growth Mindset. Each class will have a 30 minutes with the GyM team, split into 2 groups.

If you are a small school and your budget is limited or you're a huge school with lots of classes, give us a call or drop us an email and we can chat through the possibilities with you.

*We do add travel accommodation where necessary 

Here are a few links to some lovely resources to help you keep things bubbling along!

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