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Health & Wellbeing in Business

Welcome to the Health & Wellbeing in Business page!

Below, you now have access to access a wide variety of speakers, who provide services in all types of businesses with their webinars having an underlying theme of health and wellbeing. They are all absolutely incredible and provide valuable support and training for businesses for both employers and their employees.

Grow Your Mindset would like to thank them all personally for putting up with the persistent emails, the traumas of technology and frantic advertising that have led to us being able to put on this exclusive site for our ticket holders. We know you will not be disappointed by what you see.

Each video is accompanied by a little bit of background to each of our companies, with email, website and social media links. Please support them by getting in touch with them to find out more about how they can support your business and mentioning them on social media too.

Unfortunately Cara Duffy from THD Training Services had to pull out of this event last minute, due to work commitments.

All that's left now is for you to start watching and enjoy!

Nic Ashcroft and Tracy Heatley

This isn't a sales pitch, this is just an added treat for you today. After having such a fantastic response the first time round, we thought we'd show you our Mindset & You interviews with Nic Ashcroft and Tracy Heatley a few weeks back as to why they feels we should develop an understanding of growth mindset in the world of business. These are both light hearted conversations, that we thought you might enjoy.

If you enjoy these interviews, why don't you take a look at our others on our Mindset & You page, or subscribe to our YouTube channel, where you'll be notified on the next upload?

Gemma Sanchez & Liz Cronshaw
Grow Your Mindset

Growing mindsets and change lives. In our interactive and highly reflective session, find out why mindsets underpin everything we do and the value of improving mindsets in the business. Once you start changing your mindset to a more positive one, everything around changes too. That can only be a good thing for you, your employees and your business, right?

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Helen Christie
Face 2 Face HR

Coping with Workplace Stress. Stress related absence costs UK business around £1000 a year per employee! That’s a lot of money for an SME, so it makes sense to have some strategies in place to reduce the financial impact, not to mention the productivity benefits of having a happier and healthier workplace. The 2 most common causes or workplace stress are workload and management style. In this session I’ll give you a taster of how managers can identify, prevent and address stress and give you some simple techniques to help employees manage their own workplace wellbeing.

Jamie Butterfield
Development Leader

Employee Experience: Why it Matters. As a business owner or leader, what is your number 1 priority? If you didn’t say “my people”, you’re letting your employees down, which is impacting your bottom line. In this hour long session I’ll give you a whistle-stop tour of the importance of putting your people first. What I’m going to tell you isn’t rocket science, nor is it expensive. I’ll show how you can make a huge difference, simply by recognising what your people do for you and by giving them the right work environment. Can you afford not to change?

Andrea Wood
Pop Up Yoga

We live in a fast paced world where our health and well being often slip to the bottom of our ’to-do lists’ day after day after day. We know however that our health and wellbeing are essential if we are to function at our best and meet the challenges that are presented to us each day. Take a deep breath, relax and join Andrea for a wonderful session of Yoga to clear your mind and re-energise your body.

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Jozef Korab
JK Chiropractic

Did you know that lower back pain is one of the leading causes of absence in the workplace? What can you do to increase workplace attendance and performance? In this session, we will cover the causes of lower back pain and how to avoid it. We will look at how to self-assess lower back pain, how to repair it, and how to return to pain free activity. All this, in turn, will ultimately increase workplace productivity and profit.

Dave Scholes

Listen to Dave's inspirational story of how his life was transformed after his best friend took his own life. Dave is passionate about mental health and works tirelessly to encourage people of all ages to talk openly about their experiences. His philosophy is all about 'Flipping the Focus,' to create environments of care, where a positive wellbeing approach is the only acceptable culture. Educating the head and empowering the heart Mindsight, equip individuals to thrive, within and beyond the workspace.

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Vanessa Wears
Right Coach

Thriving not surviving: How to do less when there’s so much to do. I’m not promising miracles - there’s no magic solution to take away that will “solve” your to do list. But you will have some strategies to create some changes. Strategies that have helped employers and employees do less, work in the way that they want and so live in the way that they want...and as a result be happier and more successful in both. You really can do it differently!

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