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GyM Team:
Team Building

Team building is fundamental in allowing a business or organisation to thrive. Developing

co-operative skills, trust and problem solving are just some of the skills developed on this course.


  • To understand key principles of co-operative skills

  • To understand the benefits of team building

  • To develop productivity and enthusiasm

  • To understand and empathise with our colleagues better

  • To communicate more effectively

​Oh, and to have a a jolly good laugh!

Grow Your Mindset have years of experience of developing teams, big and small using a wide variety of fun and engaging activities and then applying them to a wide variety of situations.

A happy team is a motivated team and this has got to be good for any work place, right? Right! We're not talking about everyone seeing eye to eye and dancing round the fire together, but developing an understanding of each other, sharing similarities and differences.

Training Workshop pricing

Grow Your Mindset training is delivered in our unique, engaging, energetic style by Gemma or Liz (and if you're really lucky, BOTH!)

We can deliver to any audience size, but bear in mind, we like you to be able to get up and moving and also have space to take part in table top activities. Our costs here are based on an average of 30 staff members, so if you are a small business and your budget is limited or you're a huge company with lots of staff, give us a call or drop us an email and we can chat through the possibilities with you.

*We do add travel accommodation where necessary and we can also offer off-site 'staff away' days or weekends. Pricing available upon request.

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