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Mindset Motivator kids challenge

Once your school have begun your journey with Liz and Gemma, why not take on the Mindset Motivator Challenge to keep things bubbling!


We all know that any new initiative can be difficult to keep up with, so why not pass it over to the children in your school?

Mindset Motivators is a lunch time/ after school club led by well chosen Mindset advocates.


How to become a Mindset Motivating School

Once your school has completed are fully immerse n what a growth mindset is, you will able to apply to become a Mindset Motivating school.

A passionate member or members of staff will need to send us a note of interest by using the form below.

We then give you the resources and advice to help pick your team of Mindset Motivators (usually a group of 6-8 from either Year 5 or 6 ), who will each receive their very own Mindset Motivator badge. The resources include PowerPoint slides, posters, letters home - everything you could wish for. Once you have your volunteers, it's all over to your team as it's driven by them 100%.

We support your Mindset Motivators


Through regular emails to the lead member of staff, we train and support your pupils to become the school's Mindset Motivator experts. We will be on hand via email, to help and support you through your tasks. Each activity includes advice and resources. Your Mindset Motivators then present to their classmates building up a real positive mindset culture.

We assess your work and progress

Our support doesn't stop there! Once the Mindset Motivators have completed the 3 x activities each term, they send their evidence of completion to us, via video, photos, artwork, PowerPoint - whatever creative media tickles their fancy! We assess the work and award them a bronze for term 1, silver for term 2 and gold for term 3 certificate for the school (they love this!). At the end of 3 terms, you will then be offered the opportunity to become 'Platinum Mindset Motivators, involving the wider community and using your skills to share with others, over a full academic year, as well as continuing to the next level of bronze +, silver + and gold + for the year ahead. A real challenge, but an amazing opportunity. 

To sign up per term the cost to schools is £100 and is on going year after year with new challenges.

To add the Platinum Mindset Motivator award, this will cost an extra £200

Interested? Fill in the contact information below and we'll be in touch with more details!

Mindset Motivator Note of Interest


 phone: 07803 909838 

Name *

School Name *

Email *

Thanks! We'll be in touch about you becoming a Mindset Motivating School soon. Exciting times!

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