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GyM Coaching:
Mindset Sessions for Kids

These 1:1 sessions are a great way to personalise a mindset journey for your child.

Maybe they are struggling with a certain aspect of learning. Maybe they lack in confidence. Maybe they fear making mistakes. Whatever it is, these sessions are designed to inspire and motivate children to approach things differently


  • To develop an awareness of Growth & Fixed Mindset

  • To recognise Fixed triggers

  • To understanding the learning and performance zone

  • To know how the brain learns

  • To focus on positive thoughts

  • To gain in confidence and make more mindset moves

​Oh, and to realise we can achieve our wildest dreams!

Our highly focused 1:1 sessions allow children to develop confidence and to reinforce what learning looks and feels like. Using a variety of hands on activities we guarantee engagement, focus and fun!

With regular sessions over a period of time, mindsets can be transformed. We send regular updates to parents, with hints and tips for them to continue the work covered in between and after our sessions.

Mindset Coaching

Grow Your Mindset coaching is delivered in our unique, engaging and supportive style by Gemma or Liz .

We can deliver these session face to face or virtually, meaning you can access them anywhere in the UK!

Sessions are booked in groups of 5 to secure dates and reviewed regularly.

Email updates are sent after every session to feedback content and support parents with hints and tips

Per hour £36.50

*We do add travel accommodation where necessary.

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