Sometimes it's good for staff to get out of the office, classroom or off the shop floor and have time away together, to learn and reconnect.


We are so pleased to be able to now offer Staff Away Days. 

As more and more companies and schools are recognising the health benefits of providing training and social activities away from the workplace, whilst having their budgets slashed, The Grow Your Mindset girls want to allow these companies and schools to have access to a wide range of afforadble options, with all the fun.

We will split the day into a morning of fun filled training on developing mindsets in the setting of a park, a museum,  a farm or even the outdoors, followed by an afternoon of team building activities such as walking, horse riding, forest based fun, gin tasting, breakout rooms and more to choose from, all within a distance and area of your choosing.

Great for developing well-being amongst your colleagues, which is high on every workplace agenda.

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