Hosted by CommuniTree and Grow Your Mind

Grow Your Mindset believe wholeheartedly in collaborating with like minded individuals and groups. This is why they have joined forces with Danny English and his wonderful team at CommuniTree to provide forest mindset fun, to keep your little ones busy during the school holidays.


Head, Hands and Heart Holiday Club

Each day will be split into two main sections - spending half the day with CommuniTree in the great outdoors. Hosted under the canopy of the beautiful trees with a crackling campfire to set the scene,  we'll be playing nature games galore, trying our hand at campfire cooking, enjoying fireside stories, getting creative with nature crafts, building the most epic shelters, merrily swinging in hammocks and working together to safely light our own fires. 


But what is Head Hands & Heart Club?

The other half of the day will be with us and they'll spend their session finding out about their brilliant brains, solving a range of exciting puzzles, thinking flexibly about challenges, using their hands for fun creative activities, calmly relaxing in the inflatable brain, developing strategies that can be applied when faced with obstacles and beginning a wonderful growth mindset journey.

During lunchtimes, we all come together for a  group picnic around the campfire, share stories and play games! Both sessions compliment each other wonderfully and children have the opportunity to apply their new found 'brain skills' in the great outdoors!

The sessions are run by Growth Mindset and Outdoor Education specialists (Teachers and  Forest School leaders). We strongly believe that at the centre of all personal growth we find strong communities so we keep our numbers low with a maximum of 24 children attending each week, that way we all get to know each other and form a strong sense of togetherness.

Sounds fabulous doesn't it? All this wonderful stuff, with qualified primary teachers and forest education leaders for just over £5 per hour! An opportunity not to be missed, so click the picture at the top of the page and you will be redirected to our ticket site for registration.

And if you're still not convinced - take read of Danny's blog

about the benfits of our holiday camp (it's not all mumbo

jumbo!) or hit play on the video to find out what we got up to

in the summer of 2019!

Yes please I love to read blogs 

I'm sticking with the video.