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Growth Mindset Matters

Growth Mindset is not just for kids, it's for everyone! Everyone has a mindset and finding out why developing your own is a real game changer personally and professionally.

The power of understanding our mindset and development of it leads to us becoming more positive and resilient.

Let's just think about people who we admire and inspire us. What is it about them? Usually it's the fact that no matter how often they fail, no matter how many mistakes they make or how life held them back, they still didn't quit. They got back up, dusted themselves off and kept on trying.

Take Walt Disney for example, a man that was sacked from his post as a journalist because he had a lack of original ideas. A man who set up his own company, but it fell flat on its face and went into administration. A man who went on to become the most famous animator in history. Or J K Rowling, a single parent mum, who struggled financially for many years, had her first book rejected by 12 publishing houses and now is one of the most successful female British authors of all time.

But what do they all have in common? They believed. They believed that they could achieve big. They believed that they were worthy of something, if they worked hard enough for it. They believed in themselves. 

This keynote looks at the secrets behind the success, the way that mindset impacts on the ability to adapt and change. Growth Mindset in any form of life improves motivation and effort. You take on challenges with positivity and see how this can be implemented in to your business or organisation's team.

We'll also have a good giggle - but the power is yours. Practise what we preach and the world is your oyster.

Conference Keynote pricing

Grow Your Mindset keynotes are delivered in our unique, engaging, energetic style by Gemma or Liz 

We can deliver to any audience size. Our costs here are based on an average of 50 conference delegates, so if you are a small business and your budget is limited or you're a huge company with lots of staff, give us a call or drop us an email and we can chat through the possibilities with you.

45 minute keynote from £150

*We do add travel accommodation where necessary