We are passionate about ensuring your business goes from being good to being great!


With our knowledge, skills and interactive strategies, we will help you make the leap to greatness and stay there, whilst other comparable companies are satisfied to remain at good. When companies enter the world of growth mindset, starting with the leaders, everything changes. You will find that your company brightens, expands, fills with energy and with possibility.

We believe wholeheartedly, in human development, also nurturing the mindset of your staff, to allow them to recognise their enormous potential. 

Developing a Growth Mindset culture within any business is the foundation for proactive learning and change. Inviting employees to embrace a growth mindset does not mean that outcomes become devalued, it means by refocusing on the beliefs and practises that shape your employees confidence to try, to learn and to grow, you are more likely to get the desired results. Every business has corporate goals to achieve. Growth Mindset allows businesses to see how to achieve these goals effectively and with sustainability.

Across the UK, businesses have growing concerns and challenge when faced with mental illness within the workplace. 1 in 6.8 people experience mental health problems in the workplace, which equates to 14.7% of the UK’s workforce (Mental Health Foundation – www.mentalhealth.org.uk). Businesses are challenged by the remaining stigma of mental illness and in the recognising of symptoms before affecting staff absence. 

The Growth Mindset approach has scientifically been proven to reduce, prevent and increase the management for mental illness. In a recent clinical trial funded by the National Institute of Mental Health, it was found that a brief intervention teaching growth mindset improved social stress recovery, increased perceived control, and reduced depression and anxiety The mindset intervention was especially helpful for depression, with much fewer symptoms being exhibited. With this in mind, growth mindset can reduce staff sickness, but more importantly for any business, value and show support for your colleagues.


As well as this, developing a growth mindset in any business can have a number of other benefits:

  • Employee satisfaction

  • Customer orientation and focus is increased

  • Higher company profile

  • Increased productivity and quality

  • Increased productivity

  • Lower attrition

  • Improved Life balance

  • Improved company performance in all areas



GyM Leaders

Reflection on what mindsets are, your own mindset and how this impacts effective leadership

GyM Role Models

As a leader, you will become more aware of your triggers to be more growth orientated.

GyM You

All employees understand the principles of growth mindset and become more self aware.

GyM Together

Working collaboratively with leaders, all staff put the theory learned, into practise.

How we will develop your business.


This PDF outlines everything you need to know about our corporate project.

“This programme has helped us to create a foundation of positive thinking, where challenges are an exciting way to grow our brain. It has helped us to foster a love of learning and growing together as a leadership group and inspired a new approach to coaching and motivating our teams. I highly recommend this programme, especially for organisations who are aiming to optimise leadership performance and development.”

Femi Salako Customer Service Leader at the Co-operative Banking group